A day in our life

to our digital garage. We are a bunch of people
            conscious of the constant changes of our present tech world.

Welcome to our digital garage. We are a bunch of people conscious of the constant changes of our present tech world.

A day in our life


It all starts with user experience (UX) recommendations. And we work with you every step of the way, from research to design. Latest trends are nothing more than additional tools in our designers’ toolbox. Still we pay attention and we pick
the right ones for your job.

From simple stores to larger systems processing thousands of transactions, we’ve got
you covered. Important is that we make them easily handled.

Our developers can tackle anything you can dream up.
Focus on your dreams and let us making things happen.

We turn concepts into digital realities. We create custom web platforms that reflect your
vision and open up future possibilities.

Our Tools


Scalable and secure platform. One of the most comprehensive CMS systems available, suitable for creating simple or advanced websites, blogs, discussion boards, social networking pages.


Open source website creation tool written in PHP. World’s most popular tool for creating websites, most popular blogging engine.


The leading platform for open commerce innovation. Boasts a strong portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solutions including in-store, retail associate and order management technologies.


Accessible web application framework, dynamic for large, robust applications.

Zend framework

Modular framework, for modern, high-performing PHP applications.

Code Igniter

Framework with a small footprint with no restrictive coding rules


Open-source, architecturally solid and performant, rapid development framework for PHP.


The programmable stylesheet language, a more adaptive framework.


One of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world.


Mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language.

Some of our work

  • Web platform designed to help customers get the most out of the video content, with interactive features.

  • Ireland's first Interactive Advertising Agency - a digital-centric communications agency.

  • ThinkBusiness is the go-to digital destination for small business owners and managers in Ireland.

  • Data capture responsive website, tracking competition entries.

  • Responsive web platform

  • An online instructional cooking and nutrition guideline designed to quickly teach the average person how to cook like a master of cooking.


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